Firesled Edition Laddermill

The Firesled Edition Laddermill

Climbing ladders is what firefighters do, when you are assigned to a truck, engine, rescue, or squad, you must be physically and technically able to climb. The Firesled Edition Laddermill is the perfect tool to safely train your firefighter on ascending ladders. The angle of the climb and speed can be easily adjusted. The Firesled Edition Laddermill is a phenomenal fitness tool, a great full body workout by itself, and an even better one when used in conjunction with The Firesled and The Punisher. The Firesled Edition Laddermill comes standard with Firesled Red powdercoat finish, improved adjustable firefighter climbing angle, mobility package to allowing moving the unit to create different fire scenes, and custom fire background.

Firesled Edition Laddermill Applications

  • Firefighter Conditioning
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Skills and Technique Training
  • Decelerating off a suppression unit
  • Team Building
  • Recruit Training
  • Special Climbing Team testing and Assessment

PRICE: $9,495.00 (Excludes Shipping)

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