The Punisher

The original concept for the Punisher was to be utilized as a sidekick to the Firesled. It made perfect sense to the Firesled Fitness and Training Team that a simulated door breach would make a great addition to the many simulated firefighting tasks that the Firesled offers. During beta testing at one of the largest and most progressive fire departments in Florida, it was quickly realized that the Punisher was also a valuable training tool. Several recruits and firefighters did not come from a background where they used heavy hand tools. The Punisher was the perfect tool to teach them to aim, swing and strike with a heavy sledgehammer. Difficulty can be increased by adding plates into strike box. Punisher weights are included. When not used as a training tool, it serves as a station in a firefighter functional workout.

Punisher Applications

  • Teaching proper strike technique
  • Learning how to use non dominant side (left or right handed)
  • Physical Fitness Conditioning
  • Physical Ability Testing
  • Recruit Training
  • Competitions

PRICE: $2,995.00 (Excludes Shipping)

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