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About us

Welcome To Firesled

Firesled Fitness is dedicated to serving the training and fitness needs of firefighters. Firefighters are occupational athletes that require a unique skill set of intense functional training. Until now, the fitness industry never developed or manufactured products specific to firefighter tasks. Other fitness equipment manufacturers have taken existing fitness products and painted them red, with the intention of making firefighters believe it was built with them in mind.


The idea of Firesled Fitness began years ago when Lt. Rick Segrest, who had served as a professional firefighter for many years, was tasked with developing a wellness program for his department. Rick met with numerous fitness equipment representatives to assist him in selecting fitness equipment products for his firefighters.


David Eaves was a local representative with years of experience who had worked closely with other first responders. Rick showed David what tasks firefighters do, and both realized that nothing in the fitness industry really applied to the actual tasks. Sure, there are numerous fitness products to make firefighters more fit, but these do nothing for the actual tasks performed by a firefighter. Soon after, the idea of the Firesled was born.


Pulling a charged hose line, breeching ceilings, dragging victims to safety was the original goal. Numerous designs, multiple prototypes, and years of field testing produced the Firesled. Add in the Punisher door breach system, the Laddermill ladder climb and a complete training system was developed. Professional athletes train on professional equipment, Firesled Fitness is a professional training equipment system for firefighters.