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The Firesled is the only Firefighter Functional Cross trainer that was designed by and developed for occupational athletes. The Firesled cannot be categorized as just” fitness” equipment or just “training” equipment, it effectively combines both. It is unique in the numerous functions that can be performed with just this one piece of equipment. If Firefighters are going to perform safely and efficiently on fire and EMS scenes, then it is imperative that they replicate the same movements they are expected to be proficient at. Like all the equipment in the Firesled Functional Training System, the Firesled is professionally manufactured in the USA and is built to last. It is durable and adaptable. It will accommodate any firefighter fitness level. It is simple to make tasks more or less difficult by:

  • Adding or taking off Olympic weight plates
  • Moving the sled from a rough surface to a smooth surface like concrete
  • Moving the pivot point on the ceiling breach forward for more resistance
  • Moving the rearward for less resistance.

This allows the entire crew to train together no matter how diverse in size or strength.

Firesled Simulated Tasks

  • Advancing a charged 1 ¾” hoseline
  • Ladder Carry (on the shoulder and arm carry)
  • Climbing steps
  • Decelerating off a suppression unit
  • Ceiling breach
  • Victim drag
  • Stretcher lift and load
  • Pulling hose and hoisting equipment
  • Pushing open obstructed doors
  • Pushing vehicles from the roadway
  • Ceiling Breach

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