Fireground Physical Ability Test

IOS has partnered with Firesled Fitness to build a better firefighter physical ability test.


Industrial/Organizational Solutions an industry leader in promotional and physical ability tests

Firesled Fitness

Firesled Fitness and Training is dedicated to providing fitness and training equipment that realistically simulates fireground tasks

FPAT equipment package


The FPAT is a job-simulation test

This test assesses the most challenging physical abilities related to the firefighter job. The timed series of simulations mimic critical engine and ladder tasks, which include:
Carrying fireground equipment
Forcible entry using both a right-handed and left-handed orientation
Carrying a ladder
Advancing a charged hose line
Feeding a charged hose line
Breaching and puling ceiling
Dragging a victim
Cardio-vascular endurance is indirectly assessed throughout the entirety of the test

Adaptable and Easy-to-set-up Course: The FPAT is a modular test that can be set up quickly and easily, was designed to fit within a standard fire apparatus bay, and can be adapted to many other sites

FPAT Events

  • Event 1 - Equipment Carry

    Simulates carrying a chainsaw and K12 saw with a 20 and 25 pound kettlebell. The candidate will lift both kettlebells off the 3 foot platform and walk 115 feet returning the kettlebells to the platform
  • Event 2 - Forcible Entry

    Candidate removes dead blow hammer and strikes The Punisher box until the box travels to the opposite end, remaining on the same side of The Punisher they strike the box until he is back at the original end.
  • Event 3 - Rehab Walk

    100 ‘ rehab walk to allow candidate to lower heart rate
  • Event 4 - Ladder Carry

    Candidate will lift the 65 pound ladder prop from The Firesled and carry on shoulder or extended arm carry for 115 feet and place back in The Firesled.
  • Event 5 - Ladder Climb

    Candidate will climb 50’ on The Firesled Edition Laddermill. The speed will be determined by the candidate.
  • Event 6 - Rehab Walk

    140’ rehab walk to allow the candidate to lower heart rate
  • Event 7 - Advancing a Charged Hoseline

    Candidate simulates advancing a charged 1 ¾” hoseline by removing the hose from The Firesled , placing it over their shoulder and moving forward for 50’.
  • Event 8 - Equipment Carry

    Candidate simulates carrying a high rise pack or spreaders by lifting a 45 pound kettlebell from a 2 ’ platform , carry 100’ returning it to the platform.
  • Event 9 - Crawl

    Candidate crawls 25’ on an anti-fatigue mat.
  • Event 10 - Hose Feed

    Candidate kneels in a 3’X3’ box and picks up the simulated 1 3/4” charged hoseline and pulls The Firesled Jr. to them 20’ simulating feeding a line into a structure.
  • Event 11 - Rehab Walk

    Candidate walks 70’ to lower heartrate.
  • Event 12 - Ceiling Breach

    Candidate simulates breaching a ceiling by stepping on The Firesled platform, grabbing the pike pole and performing 20 ceiling breach reps. One stroke all the way up and all the way down is one rep.
  • Event 13 - Victim Rescue

    Candidate simulates removing a victim from a hazardous environment by grabbing a strap in each hand located in the rear of The Firesled, leaning and moving backward for 50’.

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