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Firefighter Fitness & Training Equipment

Firefighters are occupational athletes that require a unique skill set of intense functional training. Firesled Fitness and Training is dedicated to serving the training and fitness needs of firefighters.

What We Offer


Firesled Functional Training System


The Firesled Functional Training System was built for Firefighters because they deserve fitness and training equipment with the occupational athlete in mind. Sports teams, from the high school athlete to the professional level athlete, all train with specific equipment designed to make them better at their individual sport. Until now, firefighters did not have professionally manufactured fitness equipment to make them better at their sport, saving lives! The system consists of three pieces of durable fitness/training equipment made in the USA, The Firesled, The Punisher, and The Laddermill. Using these three pieces of equipment will allow simulation of numerous fire scene scenarios; from a single story room and contents fire to a multi-story heavily involved with victims to rescue.



The Firesled is the only Firefighter Functional Cross trainer that was designed by and developed for occupational athletes. The Firesled cannot be categorized as just” fitness” equipment or just “training” equipment, it effectively combines both. It is unique in the numerous functions that can be performed with just this one piece of equipment. If Firefighters are going to perform safely and efficiently on fire and EMS scenes, then it is imperative that they replicate the same movements they are expected to be proficient at.

The Punisher


The original concept for the Punisher was to be utilized as a sidekick to the Firesled. It made perfect sense to the Firesled Fitness and Training Team that a simulated door breach would make a great addition to the many simulated firefighting tasks that the Firesled offers. During beta testing at one of the largest and most progressive fire departments in Florida, it was quickly realized that the Punisher was also a valuable training tool. Several recruits and firefighters did not come from a background where they used heavy hand tools. The Punisher was the perfect tool to teach them to aim, swing and strike with a heavy sledgehammer. Difficulty can be increased by adding plates into the strike box. Punisher weights are included. When not used as a training tool, it serves as a station in a firefighter functional workout.

Firesled Edition Laddermill


Climbing ladders is what firefighters do, when you are assigned to a truck, engine, rescue, or squad, you must be physically and technically able to climb. The Firesled Edition Laddermill is the perfect tool to safely train your firefighter on ascending ladders. The angle of the climb and speed can be easily adjusted. The Firesled Edition Laddermill is a phenomenal fitness tool, a great full body workout by itself, and an even better one when used in conjunction with The Firesled and The Punisher.

Designed By Firefighters for Firefighters

About Us

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Firefighter Approved​

Until now, the fitness industry never developed or manufactured products specific to firefighter tasks. Other fitness equipment manufacturers have taken existing fitness products and painted them red, with the intention of making firefighters believe it was built with them in mind.

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The Beginning

The idea of Firesled Fitness began years ago when Lt. Rick Segrest, who had served as a professional firefighter for many years, was tasked with developing a wellness program for his department. Rick met with numerous fitness equipment representatives to assist him in selecting fitness equipment products for his firefighters.

David Eaves was a local representative with years of experience who had worked closely with other first responders. Rick showed David what tasks firefighters do, and both realized that nothing in the fitness industry really applied to the actual tasks. Sure, there are numerous fitness products to make firefighters more fit, but these do nothing for the actual tasks performed by a firefighter. Soon after, the idea of the Firesled was born.

Pulling a charged hose line, breaching ceilings, dragging victims to safety was the original goal. Numerous designs, multiple prototypes, and years of field testing produced the Firesled. Add in the Punisher door breach system, the Laddermill ladder climb and a complete training system was developed. Professional athletes train on professional equipment, Firesled Fitness is a professional training equipment system for firefighters.

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