Firesled Functional Training System


All three training equipment pieces in one complete training system made for firefighters by firefighters.

Assembled Dimensions:


Professionally and Commercially Manufactured in the USA



Product Description

The Firesled Functional Training System was built for Firefighters because they deserve fitness and training equipment with the occupational athlete in mind. Sports teams, from the high school athlete to the professional level athlete, all train with specific equipment designed to make them better at their individual sport. Until now, firefighters did not have professionally manufactured fitness equipment to make them better at their sport, saving lives! The system consists of three pieces of durable fitness/training equipment made in the USA, The Firesled, The Punisher with the stainless steel top, and The Laddermill. Using these three pieces of equipment will allow simulation of numerous fire scene scenarios; from a single-story room and contents fire to a multi-story heavily involved with victims to rescue.