The One and Only Firefighter Functional Cross Trainer Built for Firefighters by Firefighters.

Assembled Dimensions:

30” W x 90” L x 102” H


One year, all parts

Professionally and Commercially Manufactured in the USA


Simulated charged hose (1 ¾” nozzle not included)

Ladder prop

Ceiling breach

Sabat Straps – for victim drag

Access doors for accessory gear storage

Grab handle for stepping up and out

Transport wheels

1” Thick 3” x 32” (2 per side) UHMW Polyethylene Slides


Product Description

The product that started it all!  The Firesled was the first piece of Firefighter functional fitness and training equipment that Rick and Dave created specifically for The Fire Service and it’s Occupational athletes because no one else manufactured commercial fitness equipment for Firefighters. The Firesled allows the user to realistically simulate a multitude of common fire-ground tasks without taking life-saving equipment off of their front run apparatus which could increase response time. The Firesled cannot be categorized as just” fitness” equipment or just “training” equipment, it effectively combines both. It is unique in the numerous functions that can be performed with just this one piece of equipment. If Firefighters are going to perform safely and efficiently on fire and EMS scenes, then it is imperative that they replicate the same movements they are expected to be proficient at. Like all our products, the Firesled is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA and was awarded patent # US20070020594A1

Firesled job-specific training functions:

  • Victim drag
  • Ceiling breach
  • Advancing a charged hose line
  • Pushing and relocating heavy obstructions
  • Stepping in and out of fire apparatus
  • Carrying a 24’ extension ladder (weight of ladder prop 65 pounds)

The victim drag, hose line, advance, and pushing can be made more difficult by adding Olympic style weight plates. Weight plates not provided

The ceiling breach can be made more or less difficult by simply removing and repositioning a t-bolt.